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Parking Sensors

Parking sensors have been around for a long time originally designed in the 1970s for drivers with impared vision. In 2003 toyota fitted them to their Prius, other manufacturers soon started to follow.A few years later they became widely available as an aftermarket accessory.

It’s surprising how many vehicles still don’t have them as standard with many car manufacturers charging extra for them usually several hundred pounds.At Secure it we fit several types of sensors flush fit, semi flush fit and even ones with a display.

The most popular model are the semi flush fit 18mm as they look a lot like original factory fit in some case better. The sensors are colour matched to the vehicles original paint colour using the vehicle paint code.

We use a special cutter to accurately cut the holes the correct size and in the correct location. The sensors are installed at the customers location Home or Workplace the process normally takes around 60 minutes for rear sensors.

We give a lifetime warranty because who keeps a car for life? but we do guarantee them for two years as thats Usually how long people keep their vehicle on average.

Once you have parking sensors fitted you will wonder how you ever managed without them parking your vehicle becomes so much easier.


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