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People perhaps forget modern cars are still very stealable by various means.

Some theives use equipment that extend the range of your vehicle key fob, some grab the code with a computer.Even Vehicle trackers can be blocked and if your vehicle was stolen would you want it back ?

Thieves are crafty and whatever method of security the makers use the thieves eventually overcome it.


But more recenctly thieves have been targeting the actual parts on vehicles as they have become mors expensive and in short supply. just Google “THEFT OF CAR HEADLIGHTS”

You dont have to Own an expensive top of the range sports car or suv one of the most pop[ular stolen vehicles is the ford fiesta.

There is a very simple but highly effective answer ” SECURITY MARKING”

By having your vehicle registration number or vin permanently etched into the vehicle windows, lights and wheels makes your vehicle or its parts less attractive to steal.

We provide a fully mobile service one of our Technicians can call at your home or place of work and security mark your vehicle.

The marks cannot be removed or ground out and the cost to a thief to replace those items would be really expensive likewise any parts stolen from a marked vehicle are traceable.

The cost of security marking any vehicle is just £30

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